Wealth Management

Looking Forward Toward Your Future…

You've worked hard for your success. You've made many sacrifices along the way for your family - working long hours, traveling, missing important events in your children’s lives. You might have even had some terrible losses along the way…And what was all this for?

To provide the best possible lifestyle for your FAMILY!!!

And yet without the right planning you may very well allow a stranger (the IRS) to walk right into your life without participating in any of the sacrifices you made or endured any of the losses you endured along the way in building your success.  And this stranger will take its arbitrary share of your family LEGACY that could have gone to your children, your grandchildren or your community.  This can happen because:

  • You have a lack of urgency to address the tax implications of your actions
  • You don’t like or trust a certain financial product you’ve heard or read about
  • You don’t want to pay the tax now
  • You don’t want to spoil your family members with entitlement

Studies have shown that it takes 10X as much planning to preserve and pass on your wealth than it did to accumulate it in the first place. Don’t stop now. Put Sterling Newton in your corner, and take on all challengers, including the IRS.


Wealth Preservation

To produce the best possible investment returns consistent with the client’s time frame and risk tolerance.

Why: Our clients want to keep their wealth and have enough to fund their lifestyles, whether simple or extravagant.

Wealth Enhancement

To minimize the impact of taxes on clients’ income and investment returns while ensuring the cash flow they need.

Why: Taxes can -and do-eat up a great deal of wealth.

Wealth Transfer

To take care of heirs and other loved ones in the most tax efficient way.
Why: Given the dynamic interactions of families and the fluid nature of today’s tax environment, our clients must be proactive with estate planning to have their wealth benefit their heirs as much as possible

Wealth Protection

To help ensure that assets are not unjustly taken.

Why: Many affluent individuals worry about becoming divorced or being sued-not surprising, given our litigious culture.

Charitable Giving

To make meaningful gifts to charity in the most impactful way possible.

Why: Many affluent individuals just want to make a true difference in the world.

Five Star Tip: It’s not always what we own, but many times what we control that manifests the art of creating and protecting meaningful wealth.


Human nature causes most people to be ineffective in planning a successful financial future. Especially, when it comes to tax planning:

  • Procrastination...we put important decisions off.
  • Wishful thinking...we don't tell ourselves the whole truth.
  • The inability to budget...see wishful thinking above.
  • Too much reliance on “past performance” to predict future outcomes.
  • The speculator inside almost every investor struggling to get out.
  • Searching for ”proof” that doesn’t exist.
  • Reactive tax planning to meet filing deadlines.

In addition to these quirks, consider the countless and constantly changing complexities of the market place, the tax code and the financial planning process itself.  When was the last time your tax guy initiated a conversation with you by saying, 'I have an idea on how to save you taxes...'? Never?  You are not alone.  

What if I told you that most of our 51+ tax strategies were actually encouraged by the government...it's why they reside within the voluminous pages of the tax code, the pages that very few of us have time to read, let alone digest and disseminate to the most appropriate stakeholders. 

Add it all up and you will begin to see the true benefits of working with a trusted Advisor for your long-term planning needs. Even stockbrokers, attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals use the services of a financial expert to develop a coordinated financial, tax, investment and estate plan.


Safe, innovative wealth management is available to protect pass-through income as well as your assets from unforced errors in short and long-term tax liability, major market meltdowns and volatility.

It's called: Newton's Laws of Prosperity. "If your net worth is growing, it must continue to grow..."

Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics removed much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of the people of his day. In much the same way, Bill Newton’s Laws of Prosperity remove much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of his clients by applying his years of financial research, tax planning experience and team resources.

Sterling Newton's Advance and Protect Investment Strategy

One cannot accomplish any of their goals without the prudent management of their money. There are some people who believe that the best investment strategy is to simply buy a diversified portfolio and hang on to it for dear life through the roller-coaster markets. For some of these investors their investments are still underwater that they’ve held for more than a decade. We believe that buy, hold, and hope for the best in not an investment strategy. It’s a train wreck. (see diagram below).

Billionaire investor George Soros said, “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that important, but how much money you make when you are right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” Nobody can predict the future, but there are sensible proactive risk management strategies that investors can implement to help limit their exposure to these massive market meltdowns. Remember, a 50% loss means you need a 100% return to get back to break even. That’s a tall order in any environment.

The key to any successful investment portfolio is the ability to manage the risk that is inherent in the stock market. Cash is considered an asset class which helps to reduce the overall volatility. By utilizing the following models in combination- risk has been substantially reduced.

  • Capital Preservation with an offensive strategy- Utilize multiple quantitative analysis tools to improve our buy/sell decision-making process. It's design to capture 80% of the upside and only about 35% of the downside. Create portfolios based on asset and sector classes believed to be in a long-term uptrend. As Warren Buffet says, “Find a trend; throw yourself in front of it.”
  • Safe Money – Insurance based product that provides guarantees to the principal, but still allows the upside appreciation that is linked to the performance of the S&P 500. This product can provide up to 6% lifetime income without the fear of outliving your money and should you require nursing home care while taking income, this amount will double to help preserve your assets. It also an provides an optional benefit for a small fee that will guarantee the income bucket to grow at 8% a year.
  • Long-Short – The ability to capitalize on tracking positive or negative trends in the market. This model tracks 6 sectors: Agriculture, Currencies, Energy, Indices, Interest Rates, and Metals.

Prior to investing our client’s cash, their FAMILY INDEX NUMBER is calculated which is the average annual return that the client needs to earn to make sure they can spend what they want in order to maintain their lifestyle without the fear of running out of money.

By understanding our clients FAMILY INDEX NUMBER and then investing our clients cash into the appropriate model(s), we can minimize the roller coaster scenario that is shown in the above diagram…thus resulting in peace of mind for our clients.