About Us

Our Story

Bill formed Sterling Newton because his experience with clients proved to him that most people don’t have a complete understanding of the concept of wealth management.  They're busy living very productive, even greatly successful lives, and they, consequently, have used the services of various individual experts, ie., CPA’s, attorneys, stockbrokers, insurance agents, bankers, etc. to help them with the various aspects of their financial planning.  But there was no tactical communication or coordination between all of the parties involved, which created a lot of inconsistencies for his clients’ financial future.

"No one actually plans to fail, most people simply fail to plan. My job, my mission in life, is to help my clients forge a comprehensive roadmap and guide them through that plan year after year, to walk with you, hand in hand, on your financial journey through life.”
- Bill Newton

When Bill accepts you as a client, you immediately feel like part of his family. Together you team up to determine your specific needs, circumstances and goals. Based on these factors and his knowledge and experience, Bill will make recommendations regarding your:

  • Tax Planning
  • Investment portfolio
  • Estate plan
  • Cash flow
  • Charitable giving
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Retirement goals
  • Business exit strategies

Our Values

  • Empathy and Emotional Support: Prioritizing clients' emotional well-being and helping them navigate the emotional aspects of financial decisions.
  • Integrity and Transparency: Upholding honesty and transparency in all financial dealings, including fees, costs, and product information.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Crafting financial plans that can adapt to life-changing events and respond to dynamic market conditions.
  • Education and Communication: Educating clients about financial opportunities, risks, and markets while fostering open and effective communication.
  • Client-Centered Focus: Tailoring financial strategies to meet each client's unique goals and needs.
  • Accountability and Proactive Guidance: Taking responsibility for complex financial matters, motivating clients, and overcoming procrastination.
  • Wealth Management and Risk Mitigation: Expertly managing wealth, identifying and mitigating risks, and providing sound financial advice to ensure clients' financial security.

Our Location

13400 Sutton Park Drive South, Ste #1501
Jacksonville, Florida 32224

Tel: (904) 482-1131

For general inquiries, please contact by using the form on this page. We’d love to hear from you!