Financial Planning

We help business owners implement strategies that will grow and protect their assets through a process called The Tax Management Journey, which also enables them to become financially independent from their businesses.

Most business owners I talk with indicate that they get very limited advice on how to reduce their taxes. You might be asking yourself - How can you save us more in taxes than our current tax advisor? Very simple. While most CPA’s look for the red flags in the tax codes, we study the opportunities within the tax codes (green flags) for our clients.  We also partner with 2 of the best CPA's in the country who are proactive when it comes to showing their own clients how to manage and save taxes. Like us, they are advocates, within reason, of only paying one’s own fair share, no more.

These business owners also tell me time and again that they are underserved in the following areas as well.  Or these issues are not addressed at all, again resulting in more taxes being owed and less wealth being preserved for business owners and their families.

  • They haven’t had an updated business valuation which hinders exit/succession strategies
  • They’ve lost key people without Insuring the resulting loss of revenue/profits to the company
  • They’ve not taken specific action to formally fund a buy sell agreement
  • They’re missing operational efficiencies every day that would increase cash flow 10%, Profits 10%, Equity 10%
  • They’ve not learned of retirement plans that, when properly designed, allow for $100,000+ contributions
  • They overlook disability insurance, insuring income for all employees, preventing turnover

And this is merely scratching the surface. There are currently at least 51 tax planning strategies in our quiver which, when applied to unique circumstances and combined with the right sequencing-timing, have enabled us to benchmark a 50% tax savings directly to our clients’ bottom lines.

What would an annual 20%, 35%, (45%?) tax savings mean to you, your business, your family?