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Your Proactive and Holistic Partners

Welcome to Sterling Newton, A Virtual Family Office

You have worked extremely hard to achieve your financial success.  Family Office Advisors were once reserved for the ultra-rich, whose financial uncertainties just have higher stakes.  We are a Virtual Family Office, committed to liberating our clients from that same uncertainty. Money and wealth should be a source of satisfaction rather than frustration, and you should feel in complete control of your money, rather than the other way around.

At Sterling Newton, we offer our clients an elite wealth management solution to help them make the best financial decisions, mitigating their tax liabilities, helping them provide for their heirs, vigorously protecting their assets and magnifying their charitable and philanthropic impact in line with their unique objectives and priorities. 

Our mission is to become a reliable source for financial assistance and advice, serving a private client base that is deeply satisfied, informed, and free from time-consuming wealth management activities that distract them from their missions.

At Sterling Newton, in addition to our range of financial planning services, we provide you with a Virtual Family Office of experts, which combine the following five disciplines to provide you with truly PROACTIVE and HOLISTIC planning to ensure that you will be MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL:

  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Legal Services
  • Business Advisory

Meet Our Team

Advisory Services Team

Your dedicated home office that supports you in day-to-day matters.

Proactive Planning Team

Your local “eyes and ears” to help you focus on planning priorities and identify opportunities.

Virtual Family Office

Your national experts that provide the “best of the best” in tax planning, legal, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services.

Combining Proactive Planning and the Virtual Family Office Experience.

We recognize that our best clients want PROACTIVE and HOLISTIC planning.

That is why at Sterling Newton we have upgraded to a 21st century business model based around HOLISTIC and PROACTIVE advice, and are supported by a Virtual Family Office of experts.

Team Based Model
    Understand & prioritize needs Address biggest problems Achieve most important goals
Proactive Planning Team” combined with “Virtual Family Office Experience

Ideal Sterling Newton Clients

Serving a limited number of clients allows us to help concentrate our time and services in the most constructive approach.

We look for clients who recognize that they...

  • Are Financial Delegators:
    Engaged clients are willing to embrace the advice of an expert.
  • Are Passionate About Goals:
    All of our clients realize that achieving their goals requires both money and planning.
  • Enjoy Simplicity:
    Our clients want to hear the simple truth from us regarding their financial situation....No matter what.
  • Are Our Advocates:
    Our clients are not bashful about sharing with and talking to their friends and colleagues about our services and pertinent solutions.
Maximizing Our Clients' Potential Through Proactive & Holistic Planning
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